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 Board of directors: the board of directors of the Putailai consists of 5 directors and two of them are independent directors. The board of directors sets up 4 different committees for strategy, audit, nomination and remuneration.


Mr. Feng Liang: Mr. Liang accumulated rich experience in investment and management. He obtained BSc in Automation from South China University Of Technology. He was the executive director of Shanghai Yiyang Company, vice president and director of the Investment Department in China International Trust and Investment Corporation and AIA-Huatai Fund, etc.


Mr. William Chen: Mr. Chen graduated from University of Science and Technology of China with major of Precise Instrument, and has more than 15 years of industry experience in Lithium ion battery industry. He was the councilor of the CEVA and also the founder and the engineering VP of ATL. He is the CEO of Putailai.


 Mr. Zhongwei Han: Mr. Han is the CFO and VP of Putailai, who graduated from Nanjing University with BA in Finance. Mr. Han owns the rich experiences in economy analysis and business management. He taught in Middlesex University after he obtained doctoral degree in Economics. Mr. Han was the VP of Hanergy Thin Film Power Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion and Accessonies Co., Ltd.. He also takes the role as the secretary of Putailai board.


Mr Xun Liu: Mr. Liu is an independent director of Putailai, who was the Law graduate of East China University of Political Science and Law and Fudan University. Now he is the director and lawyer of Shanghai Zhengchuanben Law Office, and arbitrator in many famous arbitration committees, such as the Shanghai Arbitration Commission and Shanghai Financial Arbitration Court.


Mr Huaifang Wang: Mr. Wang is an independent director of Putailai. He graduate from Fudan University and was the PhD in Economics of Shanghai University of Finance Economics. Since 2006, he has worked in the Shanghai National Accounting Institute and now he is an associate professor in the Research Department. He also plays important roles as the economic analysts and mentors for many organizations and companies.

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